Visitors Promotion Campaign

LED MIDDLE EAST EXPO 2018 Visitors Promotion Campaign:

ITE is creating a modern marketing plan for the exhibition:
A dedicated international and regional marketing campaign using the key Industry publications, street signage, targeted visitor mail outs, newsletters Website and press-conferences will be launched to advertise the event LED Middel East EXPO will be promoted to trade visitors throughout the Region including Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Taiwan, and China through the following means:

  • 20,000 Complimentary visitor Invitations and 5,000 VIP Invitations will be mailed directly to trade visitors from the MENA region.
  • Pre-show and Post show coverage in the official trade journals.
  • Editorials and advertisements in the local, regional and international trade magazines to promote.
  • Editorials and advertisements in Egypt’s and MENA key newspapers to promote LED Middel East EXPO 2018.
  • Posters and billboard advertising in Cairo’s main streets up to the event.
  • TV & Radio campaigns.
  • LED Middel East EXPO 2018 show updates direct mail to potential visitors and delegates Marketing through trade representation offices.
  • Announcing the exhibition locally through chambers of commerce at the Arabic foreign Embassies, and African affiliates which located in Egypt.
  • Targeting international exhibitors through our agents in foreign countries Italy, turkey, Taiwan. In addition to Arab and African countries.
  • Put Ads in international newspapers and specialized foreign magazines.
  • Send more than 25000 invitations for the interested visitors in the field of the exhibitions (dealers, distributors, and so on ….. ).
  • Invitations to be delivered personally to businessmen, specialists and managers in charge to visit the exhibition.
  • Over 50000 invitations to be mailed through the post offices to target audience to visit the exhibition, hotels managers, hospitals, malls, factories governmental offices and others.